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David Simmonds
Christopher French
Tessa Kendall

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The better our understanding of the difference between science and pseudo-science, and the better our understanding of how our beliefs are formed, the less likely we are to be conned by people offering expensive miracle cures, by adverts for beauty products, by cults and their charismatic leaders, by people claiming to have been abducted by aliens, or by other naïve or dishonest claims.



QUACK-Busters GUIDE has 13 chapters and covers topics such as alternative medicine, creationism, ghosts, psychics, UFOs, mythical creatures, mind over matter, the Bermuda Triangle, fringe archaeology, fire-walking  and many more.  Please note  

Literature and media coverage on these topics often takes a pseudo-scientific or paranormal approach, with little attempt to look critically at the evidence. Although we challenge this approach, with our pro-science colours nailed to the mast, we have at the same time tried to be fair and objective. We attempt to offer at least a glimpse into the mysteries and wonders, and the liberating possibilities of science, as opposed to the allure and false charms of the paranormal.

It is hoped that some sections may be useful for teachers, for example in science, psychology, or even social studies, RE or English.




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